Linfedema: team Campisi, la microchirurgia che guarisce

In Genoa the world reference point in the treatment of pathology


GENOA. It ‘a disease far from rare, but of which still little is spoken. “Lymphedema is a very underestimated health problem: information is scarce and often incomplete, the treatment is often limited, patients are increasingly discouraged. It often affects women and there are a good number of patients even among men. It should also be reiterated that it is a widespread disease, sometimes congenital or primary, frequently a consequence of cancer surgery (secondary). However, lymphedema today is still little known and properly treated “. This is revealed by Corrado Cesare Campisi, an internationally renowned surgeon, specialist in plastic, reconstructive and esthetic surgery, and member of the Executive Committee of the International Society of Lymphology (International Society of Lymphology – ISL). The Genoese team is considered, at the fore, in the forefront of Italy and receives many patients also from abroad, increasingly becoming the center of excellence in the treatment of lymphatic disease.

Dr. Campisi, how does lymphedema occur?

ultato, e le percentuali di miglioramento sono altissime, anche se il percorso sarà magari più lungo”.